Calling all bloggers for the 5th Annual Merry Fluffy Christmas Event! #FluffyXmas


IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN!! The biggest and best holiday event you have been waiting for is now open for sign-ups! If you own a blog and have a fluffy addiction, come join TONS of bloggers in the biggest cloth diapering giveaway event of the year for Merry Fluffy Christmas! I started the Merry Fluffy Christmas cloth diaper giveaway event 5 years ago and it continues to grow immensely each year! I am hoping for 50 blogs involved this year so I need your help to get the {Read More}

Family Day at Walter’s Fruit Ranch in Green Bluff, WA

Walter's Fruit Ranch 7

Fall is my favorite time of year. I just love when the weather cools off and we get to pull out the sweaters that have been shoved to the back of our drawers during summer. I absolutely love all the colors of fall, the trees always changing and then making a beautiful blanket on the ground. Everything about fall makes me warm, happy and sentimental. This is the time of year that I love doing those special, memory-creating activities with my {Read More}

Fall for The World of Eric Carle from Gymboree

Eric Carle Gymboree 3

When our favorite books come to life, that is something to celebrate! The boys were thrilled when I told them that The World of Eric Carle came to life at Gymboree and we knew they’d be our favorites, even before they arrived. Being able to wear their favorite characters from their favorite books is a pretty special thing! Fall is such a special season to us as a family and the boys’ new shirts made it even more fun this {Read More}

Jamberry Nails Review: Stylish, durable nails for moms on the go (Plus a giveaway!)

Jamberry Review 9

 *This is not a sponsored post, however I will earn free Jamberry products if you make a purchase from the links I provide below.* By now, most of you have probably already heard about the new nail craze, Jamberry Nails. I wanted to share them with you today because I decided to try them out and holy cow…..are they just as amazing as everyone was saying! These non-toxic, vinyl nail wraps make nail art super easy and super inexpensive! Now {Read More}

Celebrate National Coffee Day with Eight O’Clock Coffee and Friends #8OClockCoffee

National Coffee Day #8OClockCoffee 2

My husband and I are both huge coffee drinkers so in our home, every day is a day to celebrate coffee! For the rest of the nation, today is a special day – National Coffee Day! This year is the 20th anniversary of the classic Friends tv show and Eight O’Clock Coffee has created a special, limited-adition coffee to celebrate this special occasion, Central Perk Roast! This roast is absolutely delicious and perfect for getting going in the mornings, or for sharing with {Read More}

Quick ‘n Easy Chicken Pot Pie Dinner Recipe

Mini Chicken Pot Pie Recipe 5

We all know how crazy things are around dinnertime.. I swear that the kids, babies especially, sense that you’re about to be preoccupied in the kitchen for a little while and they start having meltdowns! Isn’t that how it works?! Well, at lest that’s how it works around here. While I have the best of intentions to home-cook every dinner, I’m embarrassed to admit that we eat something simple (like grilled cheese or quesadillas) about once a week, with no {Read More}

Join us for the ‘Fresh Take on What to Make’ Google Hangout tonight with celebrity chef and TV host Gina Neely!

Add veggies

Did you know that according to the 2014 Fresh Takes with Green Giant Frozen Survey, more than 1/3 of parents admitted to leaving out vegetables (either on accident or on purpose) from their family’s dinner table due to time constraints? That is such a sad statistic, considering we are supposed to be getting 2-4 servings of veggies each day! I am not perfect in this matter, however, and I admit to also leaving out the veggies at times, due to lack {Read More}

3 Simple Kids Crafts for Fall and Halloween

HalloweenFall craft collage

It is officially Fall in a week and we are super excited about it around here! We spent last week making some fun crafts to get ready for our favorite season. First, we made a trip to the Dollar Tree Halloween Headquarters to stock up on supplies. We found just about everything there, to make these three crafts. The kids had a blast creating these with me and I love watching their imaginations run wild! Make a hanging sock bat! {Read More}

Celebrate back-to-school with Dreyer’s mini cookie ice cream sandwiches recipe #ReasonToSmile

Mini Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches 1

“This blog post is part of a paid The Motherhood and Dreyer’s blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.” With back-to-school in full swing, the kids may already be tired after a long day away and need a little special treat when they get home, to keep them (and you) in good spirits. It’s a bit sad when summer ends, but with these delicious and easy-to make mini cookie ice cream sandwiches, made with Dreyer’s ice {Read More}

Easy Fall craft for kids: Apple Print Paintings

Easy Apple Painting 4

With every new season comes new projects and craft opportunities that I cannot help but take advantage of. I am a big crafter (or at least I was, before I had three energy-sucking little people), so needless to say, I enjoy sharing that with my kids. We are always doing some sort of project and while there have been some really cool ones we have done in the past that took lots of prep and clean-up time, my favorites are always {Read More}