B. toys Valentine’s Day (belated) Review

Valentine’s Day came and went fast this year! So fast, in fact, that I completely forgot to buy my husband a gift (horrible, I know!).. And I was supposed to get this review up on or before Valentine’s Day! 🙁 We have been in the process of packing and moving so things have been quite hectic around here.. So even though I regrettably missed my V-Day deadline, I still think these toys are perfect for any occasion! You don’t need a special holiday to share something special with your little one!
B. toys are wonderful products and I had the privilege of reviewing two of their newest toys, just for Valentine’s Day!

From chubby baby hands learning to grasp to happy toddlers dumping out the whole jar, never run out of hugs! 
  • 24 clickity, colorful links
  • Each is a happy rattle
  • String together a 3-foot

    long chain!

  • Smooth plastic loves little hands
  • In the jar. Out of the jar. Repeat.

Both of my boys loved these right out of the package. They are so simple yet you can do so many different things with them! Eli kept putting them into the container and then pouring them back out. And Cohen liked linking them together to see how long of a chain he could get! Also, because these are so smooth, they make wonderful teethers! Eli has been gnawing on one the past couple days.. 🙂

Sugar Chute


Comes with a dozen different balls. Get what you want or try, try again!
  • Press the lever & turn the 

    key – a beautiful ball rolls 

    rattling down

  • Lift the hinged door to get your prize, toss it back in the top & you’re ready to roll again.
  • No batteries or coins necessary. (There’s a perfect world 

    for you.)

The majority of children’s toys these days are battery operated.. It is so wonderful and refreshing to have received two amazing toys from B. toys that don’t require batteries. No batteries means no headache for parents and more creativity for kids!

This Sugar Chute is an adorable toy that helps with small motor skills, cause and affect and just all-around fun! Elias loved this one as well and played with it for an hour, right out of the box! There are different levers and buttons to push, pull and turn to get the balls to roll down. Great for kids of all ages!
Overall opinion:
We have 6 or 7 different B. toys so we are not newbies to the world of B.! As always, B. toys has won me over and has made be a firm believer in the fact that their toys are top of the line and every parent needs to get these for their kids! B. toys are very high quality and they last a very long time, even with two toddler boys who are not the most gentle with their toys..! I believe in giving my kids the best. And that even means with toys! B. toys are amazing and are definitely at the top of my list!

Where to buy:
You can purchase B. toys at many Target stores! Go 
HERE to find a location nearest you.

I received these products from B. toys for review purposes only. These did not, in any way, affect my review of the items. All opinions are 100% mine.

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