Tot Explorations: Architect in Training

Firstly, I want to send out a HUGE Thank-You to Julie over at A Year With Mom and Dad for helping me out with the Tot Explorations posts the past few months! With working, caring for two toddler boys, being pregnant and then getting ready to move again, things have been quite crazy around these parts.. 🙂

But we’re now all moved and things are finally calming down again (well, until baby girl gets here!) so I will be posting my own Tot Explorations posts again! Hooray!

This week, I wanted to share something that is so incredibly simple but that is a focus in our home every single day..


Yes, legos are a must-have for all parents, I think, but definitely those with young boys!

The past few weeks, both of my boys, Cohen especially, has become obsessed with his legos. Building new exciting things every day! I absolutely love to watch his creativity shine through his little building hands!

The past few days, he’s been focusing on building robots, mainly, but he also enjoys building all sorts of cars and airplanes!

Elias still builds simple things like towers or cars but I still enjoy watching him use his imagination (though not nearly as colorful as Cohen’s yet).

These are the two things Cohen was building last night (big robot and ‘flying car’) and then insisted he leave them on the table overnight instead of putting all the blocks back into the box. Then as soon as he woke up this morning, he went right back to perfecting his designs! Then when he was done, he knocked them over and started something different!

I love blocks because they are one of those great creative toys that don’t make any noise! I think it’s important to have a few toys for your toddler that forces a little creativity instead of constantly bombards them with lights and sounds.. We, of course, have lots of these kinds of toys as well, but I will always treasure the looks of determination in his face while he creates something new and unique!

What is your child’s favorite kind of building blocks??

For another great Tot Explorations activity, head on over to A Year With Mom and Dad!


  1. we love our duplos, but we also love the wooden blocks A. has – he likes to build towers and tunnels mostly but also builds these “parking garages” and puts his cars inside them! So funny!!

  2. Aww your boys have a bright future ahead of them! My own son too loves to play LEGOs, and I agree, LEGOs are a must haves for all moms with little boys!

  3. Julie Ghrist says:

    My son used to love MEga Blocks but he is recently really getting more interested in the Duplo Blocks


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