NEW Toddler(and Mom)-Approved Bedding {Zipit Bedding} Review and Giveaway

Getting my 3-year-old to make his bed?? Yea right! Well, now he actually does with Zipit Bedding; the new all-in-one zippered bedding that is so easy, even a toddler can do it!

No, really, I’m serious! Keep reading..!

Zipit Bedding is here to make every mother’s life a little easier; whether with young children or older! Anyone and everyone will now know how fast and easy it is to make your bed in just a couple seconds. Literally, just zip and go!

We received a BOY set to fit Cohen’s twin mattress and he didn’t even want to wait for it to get out of the wash! As soon as it was ready, I put it on his bed (which was a breeze, being all one piece!) and he wanted to sleep in it right away. In the middle of the day; a miracle!

Each 3-piece set includes a zippered, reversible pillow case, zippered fitted sheet and comforter!! The sheet and comforter zip together, which makes Zipit a cinch to make, simple to wash and a breeze to assemble! Also, the fitted sheet comes with an attached zippered pocket near the head on both sides, perfect for storing small toys, snacks, phone, etc! Cohen likes to put his special toy in there for when he wakes up in the morning. I think this is a great place to put an iPod or flash light, for an older child!

You can choose from the BLUE or PINK design as well as TWIN or FULL size for the bed; great for kids of all ages!

I just love the pattern on the inside of the set! There are lots of fun pictures to look at, as well as the Zipit logo! I think that the design is very well done and is great for kids of all ages.

AND…. here it is, everyone! My 3 1/2-year old son is making his own bed!!! Can you believe it?!

I have 99% great things to say about Zipit bedding! The TWO small things that I wish were a bit different are the facts that after the first wash, the bedding pilled a bit. It’s still in excellent shape, even after washing probably a dozen times or so, but the first couple washes left a bunch of balls of fluff all over the bedding (this wasn’t a huge deal; I just picked most off before making the bed). Secondly, the quilted comforter bunched a tiny bit on the first wash/dry cycle. It does not look bad and it’s not even all over, thankfully, but a few of the squares have bunched a bit.. Cohen doesn’t mind one bit though!

Cohen absolutely loves his Zipit Bedding set and so do I! He honestly makes his bed without my asking (and yes, we are still talking about my 3-year-old)! I think that Zipit Bedding is one of the best mom-invented products on the market today and that every parent needs to get this for their kids! The price is a bit high but I would definitely consider paying it for the convenience! Just pop off the sheet/comforter combo, throw in the wash, dry and pop right back on!

Finally, my #1 favorite feature of Zipit Bedding is that Cohen stays safely and warmly tucked in bed all night long! No more checking on him in the middle of a cold night to make sure he’s still covered up…! He climbs in, gets all zipped in and stays there until morning! Awesome!

He’s pretty darn cute, right?! 🙂

So I know that you all definitely want to win your own set now, right?! Well thanks to Zipit Bedding, you can WIN your own bedding set right here on ATTW4…!

If you can’t wait, though, and need to buy a set or two now, just visit their website where they are having a current Special Introductory Price on their Limited Edition sets!! Hurry and pick them up today!

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  1. Denise says:

    I love that the comforter zips to the sheet, because if my son’s blanket falls off he yells “FIX MY BLANKET” all night long.

  2. Lisa Smith says:

    I love the little pocket on the side


  3. I like that it’s Super Soft And Durable.

  4. Colleen Maurina says:

    I like that the children will stay tucked in and not kick off their covers at night.

  5. Laurie Snow says:

    love the pocket on the side

  6. ColleenMarie82 says:

    I like that it makes it easy for my kids to learn to make their bed!

  7. I like that it stays on at night so kiddos don’t get cold- my son is a crazy sleeper!

  8. Vashti M says:

    I like pocket on the side of the sheet!!

  9. Love the pink for Molly!

  10. Felicia R says:

    I love the zippered side pocket! I would have loved to have that on my sheets when I was younger to “hide” stuff in.

  11. Denise Taylor says:

    I love the pockets!!

  12. christine jessamine says:

    my favorite feature is the attached zippered pockets!

  13. Anne N. says:

    I like the pockets how clever!

  14. Shannon Withrow says:

    I love this concept but my first question that popped into my head when I saw this on shark tank is “is it warm enough in the winter”? My kids have a top sheet and blanket under their comforters. Thanks for the help!

    • Jessica says:

      Shannon, thanks of your question.. Yes, it is warm in the winter! The comforter is plush but a little thin for those cold winter months. So what I do is, like you, either put a blanket on overtop of the bedding or I will put it under and just zip the blanket and my boy right in. This option is better, so the added blanket won’t roll off in the middle of the night. 🙂

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