3 Master Bedroom Redecorating Ideas

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I don’t know about you but most of the money that I have, I spend on my children, even though I have needs, too.. It hard to remember that sometimes, when the money is actually in my pocket (yes, I am a total spender!). We moved into our new home almost 2 years ago now and the master bedroom still desperately needs a makeover. At Frette, I can find everything my little heart desires, to make my master the perfect get-away that I am dreaming of!



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From bed sets to quilts, bedspreads, blankets, separates and more, Frette is my go-to site for the finest bed linens. Their collections are absolutely gorgeous, with both modern and classic designs. There is truly something for every style preference. The gorgeous Fiorito Print Duvet Cover is my favorite print from the site.


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Decor Items


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Not only is Frette the place to go for the best quality bedding on the market, they also carry a variety of home decor items that would also look beautiful in the master. Decorative candles, pillows and throws will bring together the whole room, making it a true kid-free zone, which is just what I need!


Master Bath


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I also have a master bath that can only be accessed through the bedroom, so I would like to have this be an adult-only area as well. Frette carries amazing quality bath towels and other bath essentials that will make me want to spend all day in the master bath! I am daydreaming about this right now…. taking a peaceful, relaxing shower and then wrapping myself in a luxurious bathrobe made from Egyptian cotton; sipping coffee and then taking a nap in my new beautiful Italian bedding.. Sounds a little like what heaven will be like.

Now, won’t you please excuse me while I spend hours shopping for my new master bedroom makeover on Frette.com.

 What does your dream master bedroom look like?


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  1. My master bedroom is a mess and I hate it. I miss our old master bedroom, that one was fixed up perfectly. Our entire house in a work in progress. I do like light colors in a MB, yellow and gray, with a touch of teal. Great photos and inspiration, thanks.

  2. I think to get my dream bedroom, I definitely need a new bedroom. Period. LOL. I would love to have matching bedding and decor and curtains. Maybe like a sitting chair and a vanity to get ready in the mornings. Oh how I could dream of a glorious master bedroom.

  3. I love these ideas! My dream master bedroom is a true retreat. Calm, soothing colors, beautiful furniture, and a large comfy sitting area by the bed!

  4. Ours is a mess too! I did just get us a new quilt so we could feel a little bit better about it! I’m so ready for a remodel!

  5. We moved into our first home over a year ago and we still have not really decorated our home. It sorta looks like a dorm room. My dream master bedroom would be bright with matching furniture. Seems simple!

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