How to turn any smartphone into a kid-safe phone #FamilyMobile

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There are a lot of positive things about technology but around kids, littler ones in particular, technology can cause more trouble than good. That is why it is immensely important to make sure if your child has a phone, that it is kid-safe and age-appropriate. Did you know that with a few choice app downloads, you can turn any smartphone into a 100% kid-safe phone? You don’t even need to spend a boatload of cash to get your child a great smartphone! From Walmart Family Mobile, there are many options to pick from that are guaranteed to please!

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The new Samsung Galaxy Exhibit is only $99.88, for the phone itself, and the start-up kit is $25. That’s only $125 for buying your new phone with Walmart #FamilyMobile! And for only $39.88/month, your phone can have unlimited talk, text and web. You can also have $5 off each additional line so the whole family can have the latest phones for the best prices! Talk about an amazing deal! I absolutely love the phone itself, with its fast 4G internet and 5 MP camera.. And being able to see clearly on the 3.8″ touch screen is great, too!

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This year, with our tax return, I knew that there were several items on the must-have list. One of those being a new phone for the boys to be able to play games on, without monopolizing MY phone. The problem with them playing with my phone is that it is not child-safe and they can easily access the internet, camera and the calling and texting features. I do not like worrying about what else the boys get into when they’re supposed to be playing a game, or what buttons they accidentally push. Creating a 100% kid-safe phone is actually not that difficult and can be done for super cheap!

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 Tips for turning ANY smartphone into a kid-safe phone:

  •  Zoodles Kid Mode :: turns any smartphone (iPhone or Android) into a kid-safe phone by locking all of the features except for the apps and games you, the parent, approves. To get out of Zoodles Kid Mode, the parent needs to put in a  password.
  • Life 360 :: helps parents keep track of their kids via GPS and also communicate with them via text and check-in features. Each family member can connect via their own phones so everyone can stay connected!
  • Educational games :: turns the child’s phone into a fun and educational tool, not just mindless entertainment. Try to choose apps with all different focuses; science, reading (sight words), writing, math, geography, music and more..
  • Fun games :: it’s important to also have some fun games available, as well. Cohen’s #1 fun-game choice is Minecraft and I love that even though it’s fun, it also promotes role-play, building and encourages imagination.
  • Kid-safe headphones :: loud music can actually damage little ears so it’s also important to make sure your child has kid-safe headphones for those times they need to be quiet.. I chose the LeapFrog headphones for Cohen because they actually prevent the sound from getting too loud. So when he isn’t paying attention, I know that his ears are still being protected.

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For me, personally, I do not plan on giving my kids free-range access to internet, calling and texting on their phones until they are in high school.. That is a long ways away from right now, though, so until then, I am incredibly happy with my now-kid-safe Samsung Galaxy Exhibit to keep my boys entertained AND safe at the same time, which, of course, is the most important.


Is your child’s phone 100% kid-safe?




  1. We’ve used Zoodles on the computer. Love that you can make a phone kid friendly with them too!

  2. I wouldn’t say we’re 100% kid safe but pretty close. We will have to do some modifying.

  3. oooh I want to try the zoodles app! TFS!

  4. I love the Life360 app. SO GOOD for families. Thanks for letting me know, I never heard of some of these.

  5. My kids aren’t quite old enough for their own phone yet but I’m totally pinning this to remind me of what to do when they are old enough. #client

  6. My kids are really little so they do not use my phone but it is nice to know that there are apps to help make my phone safe for them (when the time comes!).

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