Can You Take An STD Test At Home?

Most of the people who fear that they may have been infected with an STD wonder if they can take an STD test at home. Convenience and privacy comprise some of these people’s reasons for taking the at home STD test. You can take an STD test at home in several ways.

At Home STD Test Kits 2018
Thanks to technology, you need not visit a health center or a laboratory to get tested for STDs. Some providers have developed STD test kits that you can purchase and take home with you to take your test. Some kits are comprehensive and give you the readings regarding your tested STD status whereas with other kits, you have to mail your samples to a laboratory and access your results via a secured online platform.

What Do You Need To Know About At Home STD Test Kits 2018?
The success of your at home STD kit will depend on your ability to use it properly. Each kit comes with instructions on how to collect samples, where to place your sample on the kit, how long you should wait for the results, and how to make your reading. If you have to send the sample to a laboratory, the kit will instruct you on how to collect the sample at home, send the sample to a laboratory, and access your results.

How Do You Use At Home STD Test Kits?
Different kits work differently and here is some basic information you should be aware of before you buy a test kit.

Sample Collection
Each STD has a focus sample that needs to be collected for testing. Samples for STD testing may include blood, cells from the ‘assumed-infected’ wound or fluid from a wound. You should be in a position to collect the relevant sample.

STD-Specific Test Kits
Every STD has its testing mechanism. Syphilis-testing, for instance, requires the observation of the sample cells/ fluid under a microscope. To do an at home test for Syphilis, you would have to collect the sample and send it to a laboratory. Other STDs have specific testing instructions, hence testing kits. Please inquire from your STD kit provider the STD that your kit tests. Some providers may give a special combined package that contains several STD testing kits.

In 2018, testing for an STD is possible with the at home STD kits. You only need to identify a reliable STD test kit provider, acquire your test kit, and conduct the test at home. In the instance where the STD kit for your specific STD requires advanced technology, collect your sample at home, send it to a laboratory, and wait for your results. If you suspect to have an STD, get tested as soon as possible so that you get the right treatment as early as possible.