How Much Can A Nolah Mattress Coupon Save Me?

One can avail of amazing discounts on anything with the help of coupon codes, and this includes concessions on Nolah Mattresses as well. You might have tried other mattresses and felt uncomfortable while sleeping on them. Most individuals, shopping for a new mattress, invariably end up searching for mattresses made from memory foam. No doubt, they offer:

• Spinal cord alignment
• Pressure relief
• Motion transfer
• Long durability
• Therapeutic support

These are the points that online stores selling mattresses with this foam will point out to you. The catchy terms they use to describe their goods often trap the gullible customers. However, it is doubtful if you too would purchase such a product if you knew that it:
• Is extremely heavy, making it difficult for you to lift it while cleaning the bed beneath it
• Has a strange odor, just like that you feel when sitting in a newly purchased car, which lasts for several weeks. This is because the core content of such mattresses, which is made from polyurethane.
• The mattress tends to get hot because of its heat-trapping viscoelastic chemicals used in memory foam, and causes problems for the sleeper, especially if he or she sweats a lot. This heating process also damages the density of the foam.

This is where the Nolah Mattress makes its presence felt, as it does not contain viscoelastic chemicals. However, this does not mean that it compromises on comfort. Mattresses manufactured by Nolah:

• Are more durable
• Offer four times better pressure relief
• Is more durable
• Do not heat up

If this is not enough, the company offers a 120 days trial. If you are not satisfied, return it and get a refund. This is unlike other companies that allow you to lie on their mattress for a couple of minutes to decide whether it is comfortable or not. Sadly, the prices of Nolah mattresses cost slightly more than that of its competitors. However, you can easily get special discounts on the mattress of your choice with the help of Nola coupon codes.

For example, a “Twin 39″x75″x10” mattress costs $549, which includes shipping and handling charges. Visit to find out details about mattresses, coupon codes, as well as tips on purchasing new ones. Search online, you will find many websites offering Nolah mattress coupon codes. You can easily get a discount of $100 by using a specific code during the checkout process. The discounts increase drastically during special occasions like the “Black Friday sale” when you could have availed a discount of $125.