Is Taste Of The Wild Dog Food Any Good?

Is taste of the Wild Dog Food any good? Only your furry friend can determine this if you provide him with it. You loved dog wakes you up in the morning by licking your face, fetches the newspaper and your slippers for you, and provides entertainment throughout the day to your family members. All these activities make him extremely tired. He requires lots of energy to remain active throughout the day. The best way to help him recover his lost energy is by providing him with suitable food, and what could be better than Wild Dog food, which is unarguably the best available for your canine friend.

Not all brands are equal
People often make the mistake of believing that all branded food for dogs has the same percentage of fat and protein. However, this is a misnomer. On an average the only the Wild Dog food contains 18% fat and 32% protein, a quantity much more than available in other dog foods. According to research conducted by scientists, the modern generation dog has the same DNA as that of his predecessors. Therefore, you should ensure that the food you provide them with contains the best nutrition available. This is where the “Taste of the Wild” stands apart from the others. This particular brand contains protein sources from venison, bison, duck, wild boar, salmon, lamb, as well as beef. Apart from this, it also contains protein from non-meat sources such as brewers yeast, eggs, beans, garbanzo, and peas.

Contains ingredients that dogs eat in the wild
You can rest assured that your furry friend will love this brand of food as it contains formulas that are grain free. Based on reports, these formulas are based on food that dogs typically eat in the wild. You will be surprised to know that this brand has consistently received a rating of 4.5 stars out of a possible 5. However, considering the features this brand contains, it is costlier than other food for dogs. However, you should not let this fact stop you as you can easily slash the prices of these foods with the help of coupon codes. Search online, you will find many sites offering coupon codes for `Taste of the Wild’ brand. Copy the code, purchase any dog food offered by the manufacturer, and apply the coupon code on the space provided during checkout. You will notice that the total amount has decreased by the percentage mentioned on the coupon.