Should I Text My Ex?

We have all been there. It is weeks, months, or even years since you split with your previous partner (or ex). Everything is going well and you are in perfect health. However, one evening, out of the blues, you are reaching for your phone with this irrepressible urge to text your ex.

Before we get far, let’s set things straight. By texting your ex, I am not talking about those logistics text that you send a few days after a breakup (” I have found some of your stuff here, let me know if or when you would like to pick them up”). No. I am talking about texts that you sent months or even years of no communication or contact.

Well, now we are on the same page. So should you do it? Honestly, it is never easy to answer this question, but if you are pondering over how to text your ex back 2018, here are 3 critical questions you should ask yourself:

1. How Would They React?

Think about all the possible answers that he or she would give you. For instance, if you decide to ask how they are doing, and they reply that things are okay or they are doing great, are you going to feel happy or upset? On the flip side, if you ask how they are doing and they tell you that they are totally miserable, is it going to make you feel guilty or like getting back together?

2. What Is Your Motivation For Texting?

If texting your ex is not because you care about him or her, and you are certain that you may not be able to handle well certain answers or questions, then perhaps your wounds haven’t healed, and you should wait a bit.

3. Can You Resist Him/her?

If texting turns out to sexting, and the two of you hook up again, are you going to be comfortable? Is it what you want? Is it just going to prolong your pain and set yourself up for more hurt? Put simply, before you text your ex, ensure that you know you can resist him or her.


While texting your ex is often touted as a bad idea, there are times when it is not and can lead to a very fruitful relationship. However, before you text your ex, be true to yourself and figure out whether it is a good idea. If you do it anyway, and things turn ugly, don’t worry because your case won’t be the first and the only one!