What Are Wrestling Kick Pads?

Wrestling as a sport has stayed minimalist over the years as athletes only require wrestling shoes, a singlet, and sometimes a headgear to compete. While a wide range of aspects has evolved in the recent past, the importance of a quality wrestling kick pad has not.

By definition, wrestling kick pads are basic kneepads that are worn on a wrestlers leg and shoots a takedown with (and sometimes on both knees) for added protection. They have a large circular or oval-shaped pad that protects the wrester’s kneecap. When sized correctly, a typical wrestling kick pad should fit securely at the top of the calf and at the bottom of the thigh. While there are many variations of wrestling kick pads that you will find on the market today, most of them are designed to be flexible and lightweight while still offering protection to the wrestler’s knee.

One of the most common types of wrestling kick pads is the bubble type, which is often used to minimize direct impact to the knees, especially for wrestlers with previous knee injuries. Bubble wrestling kick pads are very similar to volleyball kneepads with circular bubbles over the kneecap. They feature thick yet soft padding over the knees, which make shooting takedowns easier on the knees. However, most of them don’t slide across the mats like other regular kneepads. Depending on the needs of the wrestler, it is important to choose a model with pads that can provide the right amount of cushion without limiting the required range of motion.

Wrestling kick pads are not used for protection purposes alone but for aesthetic reasons as well. Many wrestlers use the pads to customize their wresting gears. Remember, when wrestlers enter a ring, they are products, and they are allowed to market themselves. Wrestling kick pads provide them with a great platform to do just that. That’s why you will sometimes find a lot of branding on some of these pads depending on what the wrestlers and their managers aim to achieve as far as marketing is concerned.

Lastly, while every brand of wrestling kick pad has its own unique sizing system, there are limited options for sizes. Often times, you will find “Large/Extra Large” and “Small/Medium”. However, when choosing the best wrestling kick pads size, this shouldn’t worry you because what really matters is how big or large your legs are—not how much you weigh or how tall you are! If you have large thighs and calves, you should go for a larger pad size and vice versa. You just need to remember that it is recommended to have a kick pad that’s too tight but not too loose.